Storage Unit Tips

Super Storage St Pete Tips and Hints

Air Conditioned Units

Air conditioning helps extend the life of all your goods.  Our customers have a host of storage items that demand air conditioning, including: computer equipment, electronics, leather, candles, wood furniture, delicate fabrics, pianos, books, pharmaceutical samples and important documents

Fill Boxes to Capacity

Partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse.  Heavy items such as books or tools should be packed in small boxes.

Fragile Items

Wrap items with necessary packing material to insure their safety while in storage.  Also placing fragile boxes at the top of the stack will keep them free from the weight of other boxes.

Label Boxes

Make a list of boxes for helpful quick reference when you need to locate your property. (Inventory lists are available in our office.)

“Dust Covers”

Are recommended over clothing, mattress/box springs and upholstered items.

Do Not Lean Items Against Walls

Leaving air space around the perimeter of the unit will aid in ventilation.  Leave a walkway to the rear of the unit.  Use all the space available, including the height of the unit.  Disassemble items such as bedframes and remove table legs when needed.

Place Frequently Used and Seasonal Items Near the Door